Residential Window Cleaning

Your home is one of your largest investments… we’ll help you protect it! Our quarterly window maintenance program is our most popular and will guarantee the least amount of deterioration to your glass, frames and sills. Although the quarterly program may not be right for you, call to make an appointment for a free estimate and we can review options which best suit your individual needs. Every job requires attention in different areas. Though window cleaning is our specialty, we offer other services related to maintaining the exterior of your home and property.

With our maintenance program, we provide an affordable way to extend the life of your exterior paint on your walls, window frames, patio covers, decks, balconies, awnings and so much more.  Whether your home has siting or stucco walls, we can keep everything looking so fresh and so clean by scrubbing them down with our water fed poles. It’s simple, we start at the top and wash the dirt down the walls and clean the windows also in the process. With using deionized water, it insures that all glass drys spot free and the walls are rinsed dirt free. The proper maintenance will delay costly repainting.

Water fed poles work great on walls and glass, but sometimes a pressure washer is needed for concrete, moss covered roofs, patio furniture and hard to reach areas like under eaves. Again, every job is different and requires the correct equipment.

Residential Scheduling

Time is money. At ACV, we pride ourselves on reliability. At least once in life, the majority of people have experienced waiting for a service person or company to show up in a scheduled window of time and they did not. Whether the appointment be at an exact time or a four hour window of time, that person/company should show up when they say they will. Such a simple concept, but often times over looked. Your time is important to us and we know that one delayed appointment often will ruin a whole day.

We at ACV abide by a simple rule, keep the client informed. We all know that uncontrollable situations and circumstance can occur in life. If and when they do, peace of mind for the customer is just a phone call away on our part. If running behind schedule, we call before the scheduled appointment time to inform the client. If there is a scheduled window time of two hours, we call to inform the client approximately what time in that two hour window we will be arriving.

Of course, all jobs vary when it comes down to scheduling. The time of day for scheduling the majority of residential jobs is usually irrelevant to the outcome of job quality. In this case, a job is scheduled at the most convenient time for the customer. There are also some specialty jobs where the location of the sun is imperative to the job quality. Examples of such would be black glass, skylights, glass ceilings or sun rooms; and would need to be scheduled in the morning or evening hours. To scheduling a free estimate appointment, please go to contacts.

Residential Maintenance Programs

The majority of customers have individual and job specific needs. At ACV, we try to provide every client with a variety of cost efficient options to satisfy their specific needs. With our maintenance programs, we offer each of our clients many avenues in which they can save money and keep their desires met. Due to the fact that the amount of work necessary to complete a job to a satisfactory standard varies, every job is recommended to be bid on site. This eliminates the possibility of an unhappy customer. The customer always knows they are getting exactly what they pay for.

Pressure Washing


When cleanliness becomes a topic of conversation, one thing should come to mind, Pressure Washing. Since there are so many factors involved in pressure washing, it is wise to have the knowledge of what to use and when to use it. Proper pressure washing techniques would entail knowing the in’s and out’s of the equipment being used, the selection of a hot or cold water system, the correct spray distance from the surface, tip selection for accurate degree of spray and what, if any, chemicals to be used. At ACV, we generally use a 3500 psi, cold water system and avoid using any chemicals unless necessary, depending on the job. If you have any unsightly mold, algae, dirt or grime on any various types of surface, it is time to call ACV.