Residential Window Cleaning

Your home is one of your largest investments… we’ll help you protect it! Our quarterly window maintenance program is our most popular and will guarantee the least amount of deterioration to your glass, frames and sills. Although the quarterly program may not be right for you, call to make an appointment for a free estimate and we can review options which best suit your individual needs. Every job requires attention in different areas. Though window cleaning is our specialty, we offer other services related to maintaining the exterior of your home and property.

With our maintenance program, we provide an affordable way to extend the life of your exterior paint on your walls, window frames, patio covers, decks, balconies, awnings and so much more.  Whether your home has siting or stucco walls, we can keep everything looking so fresh and so clean by scrubbing them down with our water fed poles. It’s simple, we start at the top and wash the dirt down the walls and clean the windows also in the process. With using deionized water, it insures that all glass drys spot free and the walls are rinsed dirt free. The proper maintenance will delay costly repainting.

Water fed poles work great on walls and glass, but sometimes a pressure washer is needed for concrete, moss covered roofs, patio furniture and hard to reach areas like under eaves. Again, every job is different and requires the correct equipment.

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