Water-Fed Poles

Water-fed poles are used in window cleaning to get hard to reach windows or speed up the window cleaning process which ultimately saves you money. A water-fed pole system is only as good as the purity of the water being used.

Water-Fed Pole

There are a few processes to purify water. At ACV, we use water that has been electrically de-ionized. This means that the sediments and dissolved solids, such as calcium carbonates, iron, and silica, are removed from the water.  As long as the TDS (total dissolved solids) level is lower than 10, the glass will dry spot free. Textiles and upholstery must be below 50 TDS while most home and building surfaces below 60 TDS.

For the best results, proper pole techniques of scrubbing and rinsing the glass must be followed. At the end of the process, spot free surfaces are enjoyed.

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